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About Us

Town planners Melbourne is an independent planning consultancy covering greater metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. We produce planning reports, motivated by achieving timely planning permits without compromise to your design.

Our reports are coherent with all aspects of the requirements for submission to council from state to local planning policies including zoning, overlays, particular provisions and clause 54, 55 and 56 assessments; backed up with over 25 years of experience.

Each and every one of our reports are independently checked and cross-referenced ensuring currency with any changes being made to existing planning provisions and/or inclusions of new planning provisions are being met. It’s our business to successfully represent your plans. town planners melbourne 

Our Founding Director

I enjoy carrying out site visits across Victoria and reporting back to an office I share with guys I’ve worked alongside for many years. As an assistant in the 90’s. I witnessed the beginning of Melbourne becoming a city where infill development would soon outpace greenfield development. Old unused warehouses were being transformed into residential apartments as Melbourne’s inner city suburbs were moving from population decline to densification.

I am lucky to have begun my career when I did. Town planners Melbourne is an auxiliary service to Aesthetic Design Vic Pty Ltd and from its inception in 1999, the delivery of a reliable service is of utmost importance. Over the years I have developed strong working relationships with notable architects, designers, clients and team members alike.

I have also met home owners wanting a simple extension to Property Developers beginning with one additional dwelling to multi-dwelling developments. In turn, I have been inspired to do my own personal projects, as a home owner and developer; experiencing town planning first hand has only strengthened my belief to offer a service you can rely on.

Town Planners Melbourne is primarily online however you’re very welcome to drop by and we’ll be more than happy to take a look at your plans.

narelle cassar

Narelle Cassar

Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying), RMIT Bachelor of Planning and Design (Architecture), Melbourne University