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Change of Use

1. Contents Of Our Report 

Part A. Relevant provisions within the State planning policy framework

Part B. Relevant provisions within the Local planning policy framework

Part C. Zoning and schedule to the zone

Part D. Overlays and schedule to the overlay

Part E. Relevant provisions within Particular Provisions i.e Parking

2. Checklist Of Information We Require

A.     Existing Site plan

B.     Proposed Site Plan with car parking

C.     Existing Floor Plan 

D.     Proposed floor plan 

E.      Elevations

F.       Operation of associated business (staff numbers, opening times etc)

Dwelling into Medical Centre



Dwelling into Car Parking Area



Factory Into Warehouse



Warehouse Into Factory



Dwelling Into Childcare Centre



Outbuilding Into Workshop



The thousands of projects that have passed through our office have included a whole array of proposal types and scenarios and the planning policies of each of the 79 councils throughout Victoria have been researched.

Our entire team is committed to the development of this knowledge base maximising our service as a time and cost-effective one.